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B&D Dryland Mushing

Comfort, safety, control

Experience elevated dryland adventures with our advanced harness. It is expertly crafted to enhance your journey, featuring three wide straps that can be easily adjusted using buckles for a personalized and perfect fit. The harness incorporates a stainless steel ring that enables precise collar angle adjustments, while a cushioned chest protector guarantees the utmost comfort and safety for your dog.


Innovative heat-dissipating cushions strategically placed on the back and under the chest effectively reduce overheating even during intense activities. Effortless control is at your fingertips thanks to the conveniently placed back handle. Crafted from top-notch MG materials, renowned for their durability, our harness ensures long-lasting use. Designed to cater to dogs weighing 20 Kg and above, our harness is your ultimate partner in pushing the boundaries of dryland mushing, promising unparalleled experiences ahead.

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