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Accessibility statement


Nowadays, when the Internet is used for many things in daily life, most of the human beings have an obligation to make each and every website accessible for a fee A comfortable browsing experience.
There are people for whom the use of websites has become difficult to the point of being impossible, due to various disabilities.
As a result, we make every possible effort to promote and make the sites accessible to everyone.
Our vision is that every person wherever he is will be able to choose which is the easiest way for him to surf the Internet, and he will be able to help himself.
Our way is to remember, every person deserves equality. And he will do everything in order to reach that.


How does the website accessibility work?

An accessibility plug-in of O'Shim Shvyon has been implemented on the site. In order to allow the user to choose more convenient viewing and browsing options.
On this website, the accessibility features were made according to the recommendations of the Israeli standard 5568 at the AA level and the international WCAG2.0 document.

When clicking on the additional icon, the accessibility menu will open.
To navigate the website easily and quickly with the help of the keyboard, you can activate the "navigate keyboard" button in the menu, and use the following keys:
To navigate between buttons, press the B key on the keyboard.
To navigate between forms press the F key on the keyboard.
To navigate between titles press the H key on the keyboard.
To navigate between menus, press the M key on the keyboard.
To navigate between images press the G key on the keyboard.


Did you encounter a problem?

If you did not find the content you were looking for on the site or if you are interested in the help of a service representative, you can press f4 and a cell will open to save Details. Leave it there and call and a representative from our company will contact you.
In addition, you can press the "emergency button" in the add-on (found at the bottom of the add-on) to dial or send a quick message. When using the computer, press the red button to download a remote connection.


What's in the accessibility menu?

  • Fast navigation between the central pages on the site.

  • Adjust the font size on the site.

  • Changes in the spirit of the characters on the site.

  • Wind changes between the lines on the site.

  • Increasing the view of the site.

  • Adjust the position of the texts on the site (right/left/center).

  • Changing the colors of the titles/backgrounds/texts on the site.

  • Mouse cursor color - change the mouse cursor to: big and black/ big and white.

  • Legible font - changing the font to a more legible font.

  • Highlighting titles - highlighting all the titles on the site.

  • Highlighting links - highlighting all the links on the site.

  • Enlarging texts - displaying the texts on the site in a viewing window when passing through.

  • Reading support - adding a virtual marker on a packet to track the user's location on the site.

  • Code supporter - emphasizing a certain area on the site during transit.

  • Dark contrast - the site's color changes to light on a dark background.

  • Light contrast - changing the colors of the site to dark on a light background.

  • High contrast - changing the colors of the site to contrasting colors.

  • High saturation - increasing the intensity of the colors on the site.

  • Low saturation - reducing the intensity of the colors on the site.

  • Monochrome - changing the colors of the website to black and white.

  • Mute sounds - immediate muting of all video or audio on the site.

  • Hide images - hide all the images on the site.

  • Stopping animations - disabling flickering and pleasant elements on the screen.

  • Floating stress - stressing a specific element when passing.

  • Stress - the stress of a specific element when stressed.

  • Reading mode - the website display without sadness and without images.

  • Keyboard navigation - navigate using the keyboard keys between the links/titles/buttons/forms/menus/images on the site.

  • Screen reader - reading texts on the website by clicking on the desired text.

  • Microphone - performing voice commands

pay attention

We make great efforts to provide a comfortable and accessible browsing experience for all users of the site.
Despite this, certain components of the site may not be fully accessible.
If you find any kind of accessibility problem, you are invited to update us and we will do everything in order for this problem to be solved.

Details of the accessibility center

Name: Tabor Abrahami
Telephone: 1-700-015-107

There is no arrival at the place - the service is by phone only

Last updated date: 20.11.2023

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