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30 cm light weight two dog neckline

simple two dog neckline

$ 8.00

short and simple

Enhance your mushing experience with our premium Neck-Line, meticulously crafted from lightweight yet durable straps and featuring two high-quality 360° swivel round-eye trigger (“lobster”) snap hooks. This essential accessory is designed to improve control and coordination during your outdoor adventures with your team of two canine companions.


A neck-line helps maintain your dogs' position, keeping them aligned and moving together smoothly. This is particularly useful in activities like mushing, bikejoring, and skijoring where coordinated movement is crucial.

By keeping your dogs close and in sync, the neck-line minimizes the risk of tangling and dog fights, promoting a safer experience for both you and your dogs.

The neck-line distributes the pulling force more evenly between your dogs, improving overall comfort during intense activities.


Product Specifications:

Made from high-quality, lightweight straps that are both durable and comfortable for your dogs, 30 cm long, ideal for maintaining an optimal distance between your dogs without restricting their movement. Features two 360° swivel round-eye trigger (“lobster”) snap hooks, allowing for easy attachment and smooth, tangle-free operation.

Perfect for ensuring your team of dogs works together efficiently and safely.

Enhances control and coordination, allowing for a more enjoyable and synchronized experience.

Keeps your dogs aligned and moving in the same direction, making walks more manageable and enjoyable.


Invest in Better Control and Safety.

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