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best dog backpack, Smadar by Dofunit

Smadar backpack

$ 146.00

A backpack like never seen before

Named in honor of our dear friend Smadar Cohen, who played a pivotal role in developing this innovative dog backpack before her untimely passing, the Smadar Dog Backpack is a tribute to her legacy and a testament to our commitment to quality and functionality.


Why Choose the Smadar Backpack for Your Dog?


- Ultimate Comfort and Safety: The Smadar backpack is meticulously designed to ensure your dog’s comfort and safety. With a harness that adjusts in nearly any plane and direction, it guarantees a perfect fit for every dog.


- Superior Strap Design: The neck and side straps are made from seat belt material, twice as wide as usual, distributing stress over a larger area to reduce pressure. These straps are flexible, soft, and comfortable, ensuring your dog’s ease even on long journeys.


- Convenient Handle: A handle on the harness allows you to hold or lift your dog when needed, perfect for navigating challenging terrain like high rocks.


- Customizable Panniers: Featuring the MOLLE system, the panniers offer extensive customization options for attaching pouches and other gear. A Velcro strip is included for additional items, like a glowing strip, and the panniers can hold blankets or other essentials, acting as an insulated cooler.


- Easy to Use: The backpack is designed for ease of use. With three slots for threading the harness’s side straps, you can ensure a secure fit. The intuitive design makes it simple to put on and adjust, even for first-time users.


- Durability and Versatility: Made with high-quality materials and thoughtful design, the Smadar backpack is built to last, providing you and your dog with a reliable companion for all your adventures.


Join Our Community:

We hope the Smadar backpack enhances your outdoor experiences with your dog. Share your adventures with us through videos and photos. We love showcasing our community’s best moments on our site. Here’s to many unforgettable adventures with your furry friend!

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