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canicross belt with samoyed

Avi canicross belt

$ 48.00

Step into the world of effortless running with your dog with the Avi Canicross Belt, designed in honor of our friend and dedicated athlete, Avi Shvetz, and his border collie, Thor. This belt is crafted to elevate your canicross experience, making every run smoother, safer, and more enjoyable for both you and your canine companion.


Why Choose the Avi Canicross Belt?


- Enhanced Comfort and Stability: The Avi Canicross Belt is designed for optimal comfort and stability. For women, it should be worn low around the pelvic bones to ensure a secure fit. Men can experiment with both waist and pelvic positions to find what works best for their body and running style.

- Easy Adjustment for a Perfect Fit: With simple strap adjustments, you can easily center the buckle, ensuring the belt stays snug and secure without any uncomfortable shifting. A tight fit enhances stability, reducing the risk of discomfort or distractions during your run.

- Versatile Design for Multi-Dog Runs: If you’re running with multiple dogs, the Avi Canicross Belt has you covered. Attach an additional leash to the D-ring without using an emergency buckle, allowing you to manage multiple dogs effortlessly.

- Customizable and Convenient: The belt features sewn straps designed for optional pouches, giving you the flexibility to attach items like water bottle holders or phone pouches. Explore various MOLLE pouches online to tailor the belt to your specific needs, ensuring you have everything you need without compromising comfort.

- Durable and Easy to Maintain: The Avi Canicross Belt is easy to care for. Simply toss it in the washing machine following your machine’s instructions for synthetic fabrics. This ensures the belt remains clean and ready for your next adventure without any hassle.

For any questions or support, our customer service team is here to help. Embrace the adventure with the Avi Canicross Belt and enjoy the thrill of running alongside your dog like never before!

Ergonomic Comfort and Safety

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