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using a Smadar backpack

The new backpack is named "Smadar" after our dear friend Smadar Cohen, who was a partner in our journey and made a significant contribution to the idea of developing a groundbreaking dog backpack. She passed away of cancer before we finished its design, and will forever be in our hearts.

The backpack is composed of four distinct parts: the harness (which goes on the dog's back), two panniers, and the chest and belly strap. The design allows for adjustment in nearly any plane and direction, ensuring comfort and safety for every dog.

The neck and side straps are twice as wide as usual, utilizing seat belt material to distribute stress over a larger area, thereby reducing pressure on the dog’s body. These straps are wide but flexible, soft, and comfortable. The neck straps are attached to a D ring, allowing them to adjust to the width of the dog's neck.


We added a handle on the harness for holding or lifting the dog when necessary, such as when crossing high rocks. Four small buckles adjust the width of the backpack to fit the dog's back.


Both panniers feature MOLLE system strips, developed by the American military for attaching pouches and other gear, offering customization options. We also included a Velcro strip for attaching items like a glowing strip. The panniers have handles for carrying and can hold a blanket or other items across the backpack’s width. They are lined with an insulating layer, effectively serving as a cooler.


Each pannier has three slots for threading the harness’s side straps. Typically, the middle slot is for the front side strap, and the rear slot is for the back side strap. The third slot is there to make sure you can use them on both sides.


To put the backpack on your dog for the first time, follow these steps:


First, put on only the harness. Start with the neck straps and don’t forget to pull out the dog’s collar to prevent it from getting caught under the harness.

Fasten the back side strap, then the two front side straps. Tighten the front side straps simultaneously on both sides by pulling downwards. Ensure you can’t easily insert your hand between the harness and the dog’s back; if you can, it’s not tight enough. A loose harness can cause discomfort.

Ensure the chest strap is long enough so the side straps don’t enter the dog's armpits.

Only after securing the harness, attach the panniers. Start with the back side strap, then the front side strap. Finish one side before moving to the other. Close the four thin straps to the small buckles and pull until the panniers are level with the dog’s back. Once everything is secured, you can start filling the panniers and get ready to go.


For future uses, if you don’t disassemble the panniers from the harness, you can skip some of these steps.


Thank you for choosing Smadar backpack for your dog. We hope you enjoy your new backpack, have many adventures, and take good care of yourself and your dog.

Don’t forget to take videos and photos and send them to us. We promise to post the best ones on our site.

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