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using an avi canicross belt

Welcome to the Avi Canicross Belt User Manual. Named after a dedicated athlete and friend who rigorously tested this product with his border collie, Thor, the Avi Canicross Belt is designed to enhance your running experience with your canine companion.


Getting Started

Correct Positioning


Logo Orientation: Ensure the Dofunit logo on the belt is not upside down to confirm correct positioning.


Belt Placement:

Women: For optimal support, wear the belt low around the pelvic bones rather than around the waist. This helps keep the belt in place during your run.

 Men: While many men prefer wearing the belt around the waist, we recommend trying both the waist and pelvic positions to find what suits your body type and running style best.

Adjusting the Belt

Strap Adjustment: Pull the straps on both sides equally to center the buckle. A well-centered buckle ensures better stability.

Tightness: Tighten the belt snugly around your body. A loose belt can move up and down, causing discomfort.

Additional Features


Running with Multiple Dogs


Additional Leash: If running with two dogs, attach an additional leash to the D-ring without using an emergency buckle.


Attaching Pouches

Straps for Pouches: The sewn straps on the belt are for attaching optional pouches. Search for “MOLLE pouch” online to find various types, such as water bottle holders or phone pouches.

Load Management: Avoid overloading to maintain free and comfortable running.


Training Tips


Learning Canicross


Field Run Lessons: Consider taking a lesson or two to learn canicross techniques. Understanding these principles will help you run greater distances with ease and comfort.


Emergency Stops


Stopping Technique: For an emergency stop, tilt your body back to create an anchor effect, preventing the dog from pulling you forward. Practice this technique to ensure you can perform it effectively when needed.




Washing Instructions


Machine Washable: The Avi Canicross Belt is safe to wash in a washing machine. Follow your machine’s instructions for synthetic fabrics to ensure longevity.


Final Thoughts


Thank you for purchasing the Avi Canicross Belt. You have invested in a high-quality product designed for comfort and efficiency. We hope it enhances your running experience with your dog and provides you with many happy trails.


For any further inquiries or assistance, feel free to contact our customer support. Enjoy your new adventure with the Avi Canicross Belt!

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