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User Manual for the bidi Dog Harness


Congratulations on your purchase of the bidi Dog Harness! Named after the first two malamutes to wear it – Bilbo and Dinka, their harnesses have been tested over fifteen thousand miles and still look like new. Follow these instructions to ensure a proper fit and maximum comfort for your dog.



The harness consists of two main parts: an upper section and a lower section. Additionally, there are three adjustable straps: two side straps and a bottom one.

Instructions for Use

Step 1: Insert the dog’s head through the neck straps. Ensure the straps are not twisted and sit comfortably around the neck. The straps are attached to a welded SS ring, allowing for easy adjustment according to the dog’s neck size, whether during shedding seasons or in winter when the coat is full. Make sure the collar is free over the harness straps.


Step 2: Adjust the bottom strap so that the lower side pillow rests under the stomach and not between the front legs. This ensures comfort and proper fit. After adjusting, you may cut off any excess strap length and seal the end with a candle to prevent fraying. This step is optional and only recommended if you will not be using the harness on another dog.


Step 3: Finally, stand over the dog and pull both side straps down, not sideways, evenly. Tighten them well. A properly tightened harness should allow no more than three fingers between the harness and the dog’s back. A loose harness can cause more discomfort than a slightly tight one. The padding on the top and bottom cushions ensures the dog’s comfort even when the harness is snug. If lower strap was adjusted correctly, side straps should be perpendicular to the ground.


Step 4: The handle on the back of the harness is for holding and supporting the dog, not for prolonged lifting. Do not lift the dog by the harness for more than a few seconds. Use the handle to help the dog over obstacles like rocks or fences.



The harness is machine washable. Close the buckles before washing to prevent damage. Hang dry in the shade. Do not use a dryer. When not in use keep in a closed place.


By following these instructions, you will ensure that the BiDi Dog Harness provides the best fit and comfort for your dog. Enjoy your adventures together!

dryland mushing harness by Dofunit on a GSD
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