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Dog Backpacking:A Fun and Fitness-Boosting Activity for All Seasons

As the summer sun blazes, activities like dryland mushing become too risky for both dogs and their owners due to the potential dangers of heatstroke and dehydration. However, maintaining fitness during the hot season is essential to prevent the need for rebuilding stamina when cooler weather returns. Enter dog backpacking, a wonderful alternative that keeps both you and your dog active, fit, and happy year-round.


What is Dog Backpacking?


Dog backpacking is a simple yet effective activity where you take your dog for walks, allowing them to carry a specially designed backpack on their shoulders. These two-sided backpacks are adjusted to the dog's physical capabilities, making the activity suitable for various environments, whether it's an urban setting or a nature trail. This versatile activity can be enjoyed in any season and is an excellent way to bond with your dog while keeping both of you in shape.


Benefits of Dog Backpacking


Engaging in dog backpacking offers numerous benefits. Physically, it helps maintain the fitness levels of both the dog and the owner, ensuring that neither of you has to start from scratch when the temperatures drop. The activity also provides mental stimulation for dogs, as they enjoy the sense of purpose and the extra challenge. For owners, it's an opportunity to get outside, enjoy nature, and stay active.

Unlike more intensive activities like bikejoring, backpacking is accessible to everyone. Friends, family, children, and even those who aren't particularly keen on cycling can join in. The leisurely pace of walking allows participants to appreciate the sights, sounds, and smells of their surroundings, engage in meaningful conversations, and experience nature more fully.


Equipment and Safety Tips


To ensure a safe and enjoyable backpacking experience, it's crucial to use the right equipment. Dog backpacks come in two main types: ones with detachable packs (like Dofunit’s Smadar backpack) and integrated packs that are a single unit. The backpack must fit the dog perfectly to avoid sliding or tilting, which can cause discomfort or injury. Typically, the backpack has two straps: one on the chest and another under the belly. Proper weight distribution is essential, with the load not exceeding a third of the dog’s weight. However, well-conditioned working dogs can carry up to half their body weight.

When fitting the backpack, it should be snug but not too tight. The front of the side bags should align with the chest line, and the bottom should rest beside the elbows. Ensuring the chest strap is not too low and the belly strap is positioned correctly helps maintain the backpack's stability during movement. Dofunit’s Smadar backpack is fully adjustable to fit almost any size dog.


Training and Familiarization


Introducing the backpack to your dog should be done gradually. Start by placing the empty backpack on your dog during short walks to get them accustomed to the feel of it. Gradually add weight, ensuring it's balanced on both sides. Teaching your dog basic commands like come, sit, stay, left, right, go ahead, and stop is beneficial. Additional commands such as step back, follow me, or wait can further ease the journey.


Practical Uses


Beyond hikes, dog backpacking can be integrated into daily routines. For instance, your dog can accompany you on grocery trips, carrying items like newspapers, cheese, rolls, or even milk and eggs. This not only provides a workout for your dog but also turns routine tasks into enjoyable outings, making your dog feel like an essential part of the family.




To ensure a smooth and safe backpacking experience, regularly check the fit and balance of the backpack, especially after rest stops. Remove the backpack during breaks to allow your dog to stretch and relax their muscles. Always monitor your dog for signs of discomfort or distress, and adjust the load or fit of the backpack as needed.


 Dog backpacking is a delightful and practical way to keep both you and your dog active, even during the hottest summer months. It strengthens the bond between you and your dog while offering the chance to explore the great outdoors together. Whether you're hiking through a forest, strolling through a park, or running errands, dog backpacking transforms routine activities into shared adventures. So, equip your dog with a Smadar backpack and embark on a journey of fitness and fun, exploring the world side by side.


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